Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

I like this girl. She is really cool. I am especially fond of her big, plump clitoris. Her vagina is the type I enjoy most. You know those types of pussies that look as if they want to burst out of a bikini? That’s what hers looks like. The Vaccinated Vandal grabbed her crotch and fucked it hard until he treated her like property. Then Bootleg disciplined her with a spreader bar and several whips from the slut paddle. After double penetration, she thanked them for filling her mouth and stomach with yellow discipline. They softened her up by ‘working’ her throat. Her face was repeatedly pounded and she would moan through a forced smile. Bootleg put her in a figure four leg lock so tight that she must have been taking breaths through the rod as if she was part of some military unit. They released all their semen on her beautiful face and on each strand of her silky hair. She swallowed all the cum like souvlaki.

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Facial Abuse