Black Payback Dick Downed Defined

This lover of pale kale and pumpkin spice inhabiting a cave revealed to us today just how incapable her body was for the size of BBC she was suddenly accommodating. As I thrust deep into her white pussy, it felt like a stand against oppression which she finds herself subject to. She had never experienced a brother’s dick quite so big before but she accepted it as proof of her support. Her pink lips and white face resembled Gollum gripping a raw catfish while sucking my bronze king-like skin. Her moans grew louder until they sounded like a pig being slaughtered. When I ejaculated all over her face, she instinctively pulled away–I thought so too! And yet she still swallowed my cum like a glutton. Wow! But I know when she headed home, she must have looked like that little dude from Game of Thrones!

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Black Payback